Jello mousse & pudding-booster?
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    Lightbulb Jello mousse & pudding-booster?

    I'm on a special diet to gain weight. I love jello, but it has too little calories (per standard serving) for my snacking needs. SO! I decided to mix in heavy whipping cream instead of water, with a package of strawberry jello. I have heard it has the consistency of mousse, and you can also freeze it to be a lot like ice cream too.
    16 oz heavy whipping cream and a 6 oz package of strawberry jello portioned out into 8 servings is 275 calories per serving! Yay!
    This would also be great for smaller children with that "failure to thrive" stuff going on, I would think.

    Now...can this be done with those puddings like chocolate, banana, french vanilla, etc.? Maybe half milk and half cream even? They're already a little higher in calories anyway, but my doctor says I should sneak in extras every chance I get.

    I would probably be having one cup of these creamy desserts about every other day, probably as part of my afternoon snack. Morning snack is already taken with fruit & cream cheese/marshmallow cream dip

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    You can definitely use cream or half & half when making pudding.

    You might also look into protein shakes like body builders use. 20 Weight Gain Shake Recipes
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    Pudding is also great made with coconut cream ( not coconut milk). My ds ate a lot of that to keep cals up after getting braces since he has always been super tall but underweight. He doesn't like coconut but loved the coconut cream in pudding.

    You can make pudding with full fat cream. 1.5 c cream to .5 c water. It is thick and yummy. He also drinks protein shakes made with coconut cream and full fat heavy cream. I need to lose pounds but we have used a million ways to put weight on my 6 ft 2 child that weights 130 fully dressed with shoes and full pockets.

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