Chicken Bouillon
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    Cool Chicken Bouillon

    Yesterday I was looking for a large amount of chicken bouillon for some mixes I am going to make and was looking for the best deal. I live in an area with a very large spanish speaking population so our Walmart has a large selection of mexican and central american foods. I decided to wander down the isle, and I found a large ( maybe 12-16 oz.) jar of chicken bouillion for 1.39. I thought that was pretty good. Its MUCH cheaper than the stuff in the soup section and its not in the individual wrappers. I just thought I would share my little tip. Oh! Everyone else may already know this, but I also discovered that milk is about .35 cheaper at Walgreens than Walmart, for the good brands.

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    Wow thanks for the information, I use bouillon when I cook sometimes so that's a good deal. Thanks for sharing

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