I went through my pantry & now I need your help please
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    Default I went through my pantry & now I need your help please

    I had time today to go through our pantry and re-organize.

    Here's what I ended up finding in there....

    -sauce: 1-29 oz. can; 4-15 oz. cans; 2-8 oz. cans
    -paste: 1-6 oz. can
    -diced: 4-14.5 oz cans petite; 2-14.5 oz cans chipotle style; 2-14.5 oz. cans mexican style;
    1-14.5 oz can regular dice
    -stewed: 1-14.5 oz. can
    -crushed: 1-29 oz can
    -rotel style: 1-29 oz can; 2-10 oz Santa Fe style; 2-10 oz roasted garlic style

    Enchilada sauce: 1-10 oz can green chile; 1-15 oz can hot red sauce
    Corn: 1-15 oz can whole kernel; 2- 15.25 oz cans creamed style; 1-11 oz shoepeg
    Carrots: 2-14.5 oz cans
    Mix Vegetable: 1-15 oz can
    Jellied Cranberry Sauce: 4-16 oz cans
    Beets: 1-14.5 oz can
    Pumpkin: 1-15 oz can
    Black Olives: 2-6 oz cans
    Manwich: 1-15.5 oz can
    Chili: 1-15 oz can
    Salmon: 1-14.75 oz can
    Diced Pears: 2-15 oz cans
    Whole Jalapenos: 2-29 oz cans
    Pork: 1-29 oz can
    Black eyed peas: 1-15.5 oz can
    -ranch: 3-15 oz cans
    -black: 2-15 oz cans
    -pinto: 2-15.5 oz cans
    -kidney: 1-15.5 oz can
    -great northern: 4-15.8 oz cans
    -navy: 2-15.8 oz cans
    -green: 2-14.5 oz cans french cut; 4-14.5 oz cans regular cut
    -tomato: 5-10 3/4 oz cans
    -cream of mushroom: 1-26 oz can; 1-10 3/4 oz can with roasted garlic
    -cream of chicken: 1-10 3/4 oz can; 4-10 3/4 oz cans with roasted herbs
    -cream of chicken & mushroom: 1-10 3/4 oz can
    -cream of broccoli: 1-10 3/4 oz can
    -cheese: 2-10 3/4 oz cans
    -lentil: 2-15 oz cans
    -creamy portobello mushroom: 1-16 oz container
    Pineapple: 3-8 oz cans crushed; 1-8 oz can sliced
    Diced Chilies: 4-4 oz cans
    Mushroom pieces & stems: 2-6.5 oz cans
    Baked Beans: 1-8.3 oz can; 1-15.5 oz can
    Beenie Weenie: 1-7.75 oz can
    Evaporated milk: 5-12 oz cans
    Tuna: 1-6 oz can
    Sardines: 1-3.75 oz can
    -beef: 4-14 oz cans
    -vegetable: 2-14 oz cans
    -turkey: 8 pints
    -turkey: 1-10.5 oz can; 1-12 oz jar
    -chicken: 2-12 oz jars
    -beef: 1-12 oz jar
    -quick cooking oats
    -old fashioned oats
    Italian bread crumbs: 1-16 oz container;; 1-24 oz container
    Grits: 2-24 oz containers
    Cereal: 2 unopened boxes; 1-3/4 full box
    Dry Milk: 1-4 lb box
    Baking Mix: 1-20 oz box; 1-40 oz box
    Hamburger Helper:
    -cheesy baked potato
    -chicken w/ mashed potatoes
    Stove Top Stuffing mix: 6 oz box
    Instant Brown rice: 15 oz box
    Scalloped Potatoes: 5.1 oz box
    Dry Onion soup mix: 1 packet
    Taco Shells: 12 pack box
    Cream of Wheat: 14 oz box
    Macaroni & Cheese: 14 oz box
    Shake-n-Bake: 1 bag
    Popcorn: 7 bags
    Chocolate Milk mix
    Hot Chocolate mix: 2 boxes
    Falafel mix: 10 oz box
    Cake Mix:
    -2 butter white
    -butter chocolate
    -2 yellow
    Brownie mix: 2 boxes
    Dry Beans:
    -2 bags 16 bean soup mix
    -2 red
    -great northern
    -black eye peas
    -lasagna: 2 boxes
    -spaghetti: 3 1/2 packages
    -wide egg noodles: 3 bags
    Buttermilk Corn meal mix
    Coffee filters
    Pancake syrup: 2 1/4 bottles
    Vanilla extract: 3/4 a jug
    Shortening: 2 sticks
    Spiced pear jam: 1 pint
    BBQ sauce: 2 bottles
    Italian dressing: 1-16 oz bottle
    Salsa: 33 oz bottle
    Peanuts: 1-16 oz jar
    Mustard: 8 oz bottle
    Cider Vinegar: 16 oz bottle
    Honey: 1/2 gallon
    Brown Sugar
    Powdered Sugar
    Graham Crackers
    Corn starch
    Tea Bags
    Wheat Thin crackers
    Pepperidge Farm bag stuffing
    Kosher salt
    Pickling salt
    Chips: 2 1/2 bags
    Baking Chocolate
    Jiffy biscuit mix: 8 oz box
    Instant mashed potatoes: 1/2 a large bag
    Lipton Alfredo/Broccoli noodles
    Crab Boil
    Worcestershire Sauce
    Peanut Butter: 3 1/2 jars
    Marshmallow Cream
    Cream Cheese cake frosting

    That's definitely more than I thought we had.

    Now here's where I need your help....I know we have some chicken in the freezer as well as ground meat, a turkey breast, a whole turkey & a ham. Can you give me some menu ideas using what we have on hand? I am going to try and limit my grocery spending this month to as little as possible. We do need a few staple items like bread and lunch meat. So that I am figuring into my budget. We are good on milk as we have (I think) 5 or 6 gallons in there. So we have quite a bit to choose from. I know I have at least 2 or 3 packages of grated cheese in the freezer as well and a package of tortillas.

    I plan to go through the freezers possibly Monday to see what I really have in there.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    you've got a lot there!

    here are just a few ideas with what i skimmed through.

    pasta & sauce. take the jiffy biscuit mix, make breadsticks (add herbs, garlic, cheese, olive oil...).

    make a pasta bake w/veggies (cans, fresh, leftovers).

    make a quick soup w/stewed tom's, canned veggies, chicken, bread & salad.

    sloppy joes w/jalapeno's, black beans and pork (mash up the beans in it to extend).

    chicken, rice, cream of mushroom soup... green veggies.

    cheesey baked potatoe hamburger helper, w/chicken instead, and bake in oven with peas.

    desserts: cakes, fruit, fruity cakes (lol), with marshmallow cream thinned with some milk for closer to an "icing" with vanilla (fake vanilla cream)

    Just be creative... you can make anything here... you've got TONS of options...

    Good luck!

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    Wow. You are doing great. I would suggest you cook either a turkey or a hand use that meat for sandwiches this week.

    I see this menu:

    Shepherds pie using instant potatoes, canned mixed veggies and ground meat

    Chicken cacciotore (sp) using your chicken, diced tomatoes, mushrooms served over pasta

    Turkey with stovetop stuffing and a can of veggies

    A mexican casserole concotion with some leftover turkey, enchilada sauce and black beans, topped with some of the cornbread mix

    Ham, baked beans, and scalloped potatoes

    Chili using ground meat, kidney beans, and diced tomatoes (we sometimes add corn also)

    You have tons of stuff! Good for you. I actually took a week and forced myself to make do only with what I had on hand and I came up with some great stuff, as well as spending NO GROCERY MONEY at all that week!

    Good luck and I hope these ideas helped!

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    Doesn't it feel soooooo cool to see what you actually got.. I did it a few months ago and I actually felt lighter...and it saved me oodles of money on groceries, I think it is true, out of site out of mind... try inventoring your freezer.. good luck..

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    Thank you all for the great menu ideas. I am definitely going to incorporate them into my monthly menu.

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