thought i'd share it. I want to make this next week after i get some groceries when I get paid. I'll take pic when it's done and tell u if it turns out.

Meat Loaf with mexican Touch

Mix together:
1 1/4 lbs extra lean hamburger
4 c hash browns, thawed
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 tbsp dry vegtable soup mix
2 tbsp low sodium taco seasoning
1 c fat free shredded cheese. shape into loaf.

2/ Line cp with tin foil, allowing ends of foil to grab hold of and lift the loaf out when it's finished cooking. spray foil with non fat cooking spray.

3/ Place loaf in cooker. Cook on low 4 hrs.
Sprinkle with remaining cheese until melted.
4/ Take out of cp and leave for 10 min, then slice and serve.