My wife and I were doing the budget for this coming month and we realized that today marks the 1 year anniversary of reading Dave's book. It was suggested by a colleague and it was one of the best things that we could have done. Since then we have attended FPU and have made several modifications to not only our finances but our overall way of living.
We started by getting organized and doing a budget and sticking to it *(98% of the time). We have significantly decreased the frequency that we eat out or get takeout. Have gotten healthier by following a better diet and excising more. On the financial aspect we have payed off all consumer debt, two car notes, have increased our contributions to or 401k and have both opened ROTH IRA. Increased the contribution to our children's 529 plans.We have been saving a lot more. We are in the process of refinancing the house or at least trying to work with our bank. We have done a lot of home improvement projects including a new kitchen including all new appliances, new flooring, new roof, purchased a new more efficient wood stove and are about to replace our furnace. Most importantly it has brought us closer as a family as we now spend more quality time and have changed our priorities to make sure we put US first. We both agree that most of this wouldnt have happened had it not been by reading the book. I know that I was guilty of living in complacency and procrastinating on things that should have had focus. If anything it made me realize that mi familia comes first. Thanks all for your encouragement, your stories motivate us to keep improving.