Car Insurance ELP's, anyone utilize this option?
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    Default Car Insurance ELP's, anyone utilize this option?

    I've been with a major insurance carrier for most of my adult life. My rates aren't outrageous because I have few claims but the ones I have had, my company was right there and VERY helpful and fair. I've been doing Ramseys program for about a year now and have made major progress and recently changed life insurance from the company mentioned above to another national company that offered a LOT more coverage for less money. Now I'm wondering about auto and homeowners insurance.

    My concern is being stuck dealing with some internet customer service company if I need help because when you need your insurance, it's usually because of something bad happening. I don't want a fly by night company and don't want to get on a perpetual call list by signing up for dave ELP list where they send my info to a bunch of companies.

    So, do any of you utilize Daves options for insurance? Does anyone know what companies he contracts with or uses? How has the process been?

    Thank you.

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    I've only used a real estate agent through the program when it was first introduced. Considering how awful the agent was before him, I can say I had a really good experience. It is nice to talk to someone who shares your same financial values.

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