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    Default Money marriage advice

    I've heard good things about dave Ramsey and am curious what kind of advice he gives for a financial struggle in marriage. I am a saver and my spouse is a spender. Her view is that we are both adults and should be able to spend what we want.

    We are fortunate to have some savings that i accumulated before marriage and that i received from inheritance but i expect it to be gone in 5ish years at her current spending rate which easily outpaces our earnings.

    This is a situation where she cannot be convinced to change. She is unwilling to talk with a counselor and unwilling to attend a course like dave Ramseys. She is also more interested in spending whatever she wants than she is in meeting any kind of financial goal.

    What kind of advice would Ramsey give for a spouse like me to make the best of my financial situation?

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    He would say you should not even think of seeking financial advice until you go to marriage counseling and both get on the same page regarding how/what to spend your money on.
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    He would have great compassion for you and your situation. He would also say that over 50% of divorce is a result of money fights and struggles. Ya'lls inability to be on the same page about anything is a very destructive path. He'd also say that ya'll have a marriage and boundary issue, not a money problem as a root cause. I hope you can get through to her buddy cause it's a slippery slope from where you are now. Adults devise a plan and stick to it and children do what feels good. Good luck man.

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