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    Right now I feel like I am sitting in a holding pattern here but very anxious to get started. We want to start by paying more on our Visa #3 which is only $300. Some of you could pay that off in one month. That is all they gave us on that and we have been paying 10 a month on it and kept using it. Since we are leaving the big MC and big Visa alone now, hoping that the pmts. will be less on those in September so we can pay on the other bill and then snowball from there. I am really anxious to get started but at the moment not able to do anything.

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    I've never joined something like this but would like to give it a try.

    We don't have a lot of debt but enough. I would like to cut our grocery bill down by 1/2 to $60 a week. We are trying to do all errands in one day so that we don't use so much gas. I have turned off the air today and hope to be able to continue it. We are eating home more to help save money. We only have about $15 in our savings account so we need to build that up agian. And by spending less at the grocery store that is our goal. We are also going on the budget for the utilities so that will help alot.

    We have only 1 credit card with nothing on it as of right now and I want to keep it that way. We have a house payment, utlities and cell phone plus groceries so our goal is to cut things in 1/2 and work on getting a savings built up.

    We do eat home almost every night now I have started to cook more and actually learned that I enjoy it. We made a packed that we are not spending much at Christmas this year on anyone. Because we realize we really don't know where are money has been going and we need to track it and make better use of it or not us of it. We need to save.

    I do not work outside of the home because for me to get a job I would have to drive about an hour each way and with the price of gas that would not pay to do so I am trying to do more at home to help. I am having a garage sale in 2 weeks and hope that helps a lot.

    But we want to pay down our utilities that we are a month behind on and get caught back up and then save money. I have stock piled groceries so we will not need to goto the store for much this coming month.

    So I know my debt is not like a lot of yours but we do still have some and I want to get it under control before the end of the year this year. So I wish you all luck and hope that I can do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumplett View Post
    ok, can someone lead me to the "envelope system"????

    I'm sure there is a post on here explaining it, but where????
    Perhaps this will help:

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