Went to see Dave Ramsey........
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    Smile Went to see Dave Ramsey........

    Well, I made it to Indy and back. Well,,,,,,,, I did enjoy it very much, had good seats, except for the couple sitting behind me talking on their cell phone and smelling their rather nasty BO, everytime we stood up, which was quite often. I just don't get the cell phone thing. I have one, which I put on silent, but listening to the conversation (which COULD NOT be helped) it wasnt even important, really makes me mad!!!!!!!

    I have listened to Dave for a long time, read most of his books, I did enjoy it, I am glad I went, but I felt it was pretty much the same of what I already knew. I was disappointed he didn't go into the 0-based budget or talk about self-employed people,,, how to do the budgets, I have read them in the book, but I am a visual person. Show me, and I get it .Well, maybe show me 2-3 times, and I should get it!!!

    It was very motivating, and hopefully , after Christmas, which I always pay cash for, I can really get on the boat. This is my oldest daughters senior year, and we really had a bad year with vehicles, over $2400 in car repairs, which due to my hubby working 2-3 jobs we were able to pay cash, I also had some in my EF. Then we had 2 emergency room visits, ambulance rides with my daughters and a hospital stay., then a $500 dental bill.. Paid cash for all but the ER, overnight stay, tests.

    Hopefully next year will be better.

    Just wanted to let you know, I did enjoy it, but I think if you had really never heard Dave or read any of his books, it would have been better.

    I am glad I went.

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    Glad you enjoyed it, he is great in person, isn't he! I thought a lot was repeat too, but what was the best for us is that dh finally got motivated and we spent quality time discussing our finances and getting a little closer to being on the same page. I thought the motivation factor was worth it all.

    Sorry the people behind you took some of the fun out of it.

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    i hate when people talk on their cell phones in areas like that....it just drives me batty!!!!!

    glad you went and had an interesting time

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    Glad you had fun! Heres to hopin next years your best year yet!

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