I consider it a discount store, but it's mainly a warehouse store. The Real Superstore has become my choice of supermarkets over the last few months, primarily because I've been able to cut my shopping budget in half. I talked to my husband tonight about Thanksgiving (it's October 13th) and if we were going to my inlaws for the weekend. He told me probably not, so I told him that this coming Sunday is Superstore's big Thanksgiving sale. He then cautioned me that Superstore may be going on strike, from what he has heard out of the mouth of a co-worker. There's issues with the workers there being asked to take a pay cut and this is due to the way that the economy and the world food prices have been.

It puts us in a bind because DS' prescription is filled at their pharmacy. He has an appointment on the 15th to get a new prescription, so I figure I better fill his 30-day supply now and watch for the news on the strike before going in and getting another 30-day refill.

Has anyone else dealt with supermarket strikes and how do you get by when you not only by groceries there, but you have other things like recurring prescription refills?