PSA: Kmart brand Rancid smoked almonds
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    Angry PSA: Kmart brand Rancid smoked almonds

    In December, I went to Kmart and bought 3 cans of American Fare (Kmart brand) smoked almonds that were stamped good until May 2009. I opened one up a couple weeks ago and they were rancid. I threw them away. Last night, I opened the last 2 cans and they were also rancid. I'm still trying to get that awful taste out of my mouth. I tried to "freshen" them up with a quick toast in the oven but that didn't help. I thought I would warn you. I thought they were a good deal at $2.79 a can and the cost has gone up but be warned! They are NO GOOD to eat. I learned you can get very sick from eating rancid/stale nuts and it's hard to tell sometimes until you actually taste them.

    I kept the receipt but only have one can with nuts still in them so I hope to get my $8 back! What a pain it is to have to go a distance to a store just for something like that (gas, bad weather, etc) but that's where they hope you just take the loss and they still profit.

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    I was Christmas shopping at Kmart a few days before Christmas when I noticed in the checkout isle Rachel Rays magazine for sale. The November issue giving tips for a great Thanksgiving. Geez, that should of been a New Years issue. Do they have anything fresh and current?

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