The economy has hit Ocean State Job Lot's Spices!
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    Default The economy has hit Ocean State Job Lot's Spices!

    I always try to remember to grab all my spices there, .50 for a container vs. the $3+ at the grocery store- went the other day, saw they are now .88! Still a bargain, but when I did the math of what percentage increase that was....well, I guess nothing is inflation proof!

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    Wow, that IS quite a jump, but you're right--that's still a bargain. :yes:

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    Quite a jump in price, but we lost our Job Lot to the economy... although Aldi's came into the space... still not sure which one I like better there...

    This was the first Aldi's in our area and although I like them I am not sure they compare to the raves I read on the boards; Price Rite seems to still be my favorite

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