Get your cheese at Aldi TODAY!!!!
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    Default Get your cheese at Aldi TODAY!!!!

    RUN TO ALDI if you usually get your cheese there! I was just at Aldi and the clerk told me they are raising prices on cheese on Monday. Most packages will go up by 30 cents and the deluxe cheese slices that are 2.49 now will be 2.99 on Monday. Needless to say I went back through and got some pkgs. of monterey jack. Cheddar and Mozz. are loss leaders at another store (small local chain) this week, so I stocked up on those there! Hope this helps someone!!

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    I've seen the dairy products prices raising very quickly around here. Scary!!!

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    There was a news story on the raising of prices of dairy products just a few days ago on our local newstation. They are raising the minimum price that is paid to dairy farmers which in turn is raising the prices at the stores. Good for the dairy farmers, not so good for everyone else.

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    Yeah, Dh said something about milk going up to $3.99 a gallon this year according to something he read in the paper. I didn't see that article myself, but maybe I'm glad I didn't.... it's not like we can do without milk. :/

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