Breaking an Entering!
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    Default Breaking an Entering!

    Hehe....I had an interesting Easter event. DH had already gone to work when the doorbell rang. It was my next door neighbors. They had accidentally got locked out of their home. We called the locksmiths but they were going to charge a minimum of $300 (160 British pounds) for the service.

    So I got out my trusty ladder and stuck my arm into an open window. Here the windows are hinged on one side and can open all the way out or have the top half open inwards. This window was open halfway inwards. I was able to bring the handle up enough to get it to open out. Whew!

    Although it is kind of disturbing to know how easy it is to break into a house!

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    I totally know what you mean, I've had to break into my own home once or twice and yes it was pretty easy, the small basement window I got into well it's not longer operable, we screwed it shut for the fear of someone else trying to gain access.

    I am glad though that you were able to help out your neighbor. That's why theres the request to have a key hidden somewhere in cases such as these kinds.

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    lol When I was in my mid-teens I was a latch-key kid. Mom and Dad both worked an hour away from home. One day I came home and didn't have a key. It was winter and I couldn't stay outside in the cold and spooky old shed til after dark waiting for them to come home. So I ended up getting a crowbar and breaking the latch on a window in the basement by prying it open. Mom and Dad didn't care, they'd rather I was inside the house safe and warm than outside.

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    That's great that you saved the neighbor so much money. I know what you mean about easily breaking in. I've had to "break into" my house several times.

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