Office Depot computer trade in.
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    Default Office Depot computer trade in.

    I bought DD a new laptop at Office Depot yesterday for $300, even. They are giving $75 for your laptops (working & undamaged).
    LOL @ 'working"...DD's was about dead, she had to go through a very complicated process to boot it up and sometimes it overheated and shut off, but they said as long as it booted up when we got it there, they'd take it. What luck! We were going to buy her a new one anyway, I'm glad I was patient and watched the ads. She takes classes online and needs it.

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    Yeah, if it boots up it can be diagnosed, salvaged or refurbished. If it won't start it's too much effort to repair and it's just trash.

    We've been donating a lot of computer "trash" to Goodwill's recycling program lately.
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