We're getting a Wegmans! (eventually)
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    Question We're getting a Wegmans! (eventually)

    By "we" I mean the next town over, but it's only a 5 mile drive and it will give some healthy competition to the store in town.

    I was checking out the prices online, some are better than the local... some not.

    If you shop at Wegman, what do you think is worth the extra money, and what things are best avoided?

    I can't wait for it to actually get here, but it's not scheduled to actually open until spring 2013!

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    Lucky Duck! With Wegmans I really like the variety/freshness of things they offer and following their sales/ store brands they really aren't horrible price wise. I wish we had one here, Trader Joes too.

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    The other stores here locally, Tops, Walmart Superstore and Aldi's just cannot compete with the freshness and quality of the produce at Wegmans. I also prefer to buy deli meats and bread there as the quality is better. They also "bulk" package a lot of their own products or sell a larger size container of it at a better price. The value and qaulity of their store brand is excellent as well.

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