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    Default Farmers market

    I can not wait till our farmer's market sets up this year. I really want to start canning but I am not sure if this summer will be the best time to learn. I am having a baby and expanding my daycare. Not much time to do anything extra this year. I just got a lifetime cookware set and can't wait to use it on what my farmer's market has to offer. Anyone else this excited? Lol

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    UUUMMMMMMMMMM...........sounds like you might have your hands full.........but good luck if you start to do it.

    One thing for will love the just can't beat the taste---even with a not so good recipe (have had a couple of those!!)---of HOME CANNED FOOD!!!

    It is undeniably some work............but once you start eating it next winter you almost forget that part...........sort of like CHILD BIRTH...........once you decide to have another forget the pain of the first one!!!

    ENJOY.........and let us know what you decide to can. It is the ONLY time I will eat tomatoes..........and my FAVORITE canned item is probably PEACHES!! But for some "easy and tasty fun' some could use that in your daycare is good stuff!

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    Well,kinda.I grow my own veg and some fruits and can't wait to get everything growing once again.I can,freeze, dry and store all I can for winter.

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