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    Agree about Dawn. None compares. Gain dish sucks. Smells good but sucks.
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    My husband doesn't like Aldi's brand of vanilla cookies...but we love just about everything else.
    I buy the Aldi's Rice Chex every week....husband says he doesn't know the difference....
    If I am using an article in a recipe, I buy off brand but if it's to be the "main" ingredient I buy name brand.

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    There are a few brands that have a specific taste or texture that I stick too, but for many things it does not matter. For snack crackers DH likes the Aldi house brand, but he does not like their chips or cheese puffs. If I am making crispy rice treats I can go generic, but if it is raisin bran there is a particular brand that does not get soggy. Sugar is sugar, I don't care. Flour, if I am making bread I get the more expensive brand because it makes a difference. And the store brand always has bugs.

    Dish soap, check the label. Several of them are made by the same company. Different coloring, different label, very likely the same product. I'm using the Sprouts store brand right now, it is pretty good.

    Really, you have to try the generics and see if they work for you.
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