Why Paying Nothing for Something, Is Better Than Getting Something for Nothing
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    Default Why Paying Nothing for Something, Is Better Than Getting Something for Nothing

    "When it comes to determining the best deal, it’s apparently all about perception."


    Interesting article about advertising and retail theory.
    Stop trying to organize all of your family’s crap. If organization worked for you, you’d have rocked it by now. It’s time to ditch stuff and de-crapify your world.

    If you're not using the stuff in your home, get rid of it. You're not going to start using it more by shoving it into a closet.

    Use it up, Wear it out,
    Make it do, Or do without. ~unknown

    A clean house is a sign of a wasted life. ~unknown

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    do they really think we are that stupid?
    Make America Kind Again.

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    People ARE that stupid. After all, lots of people like the ACA, but hate Obamacare. Still ROFLMAO over that one. Also SMDH.

    People... Sometimes I wonder about our species.

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    sounds to me like that article was directed at the younger Millenials and the older folks of whatever they calling the generation after Millenials this week. So yes people in that range are sadly "that stupid", like @Spirit Deer said, and not knowing the difference between paying $0 and getting it for free falls right in line.

    I blame the breakdown of the education system. the quality of education is no where near what it was when i was in school 30 some years ago. There is no English class (could be why they call Mathematics as taking Maths now) anymore, that's disrespectful to the non-english students. And the daily use of mobile device and chat/text slang. When a 4th grade student turns in a written essay full of text slang it shows what the world is coming too.

    Funny side story - my sister is the teacher for this student that failed his essay, and his parents were extremely upset he got an F. They're younger parents, had the child while they were still in high school. So they demanded a meeting with the principal and my sis, and went there all steamed to get her fired for giving their child an F on his paper. That was one of the first things she said the father told the principal, his son didn't deserve an F and she should be fired. My sis said the principal read the paper, or tried to, and when he failed to be able to read it out loud so it made sense, the parents were eating all kinds of crow. Would have been fun to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

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