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    Default Easter Dinner...

    We always have Easter dinner here and we have an Easter egg hunt for all the grandkids. This year my kitchen is in the process of being remodeled...so no kitchen sink although I do still have the use of my stove and we have a gas grill.

    I need some ideas for easy things to make that won't require a lot of preparation or dishes...since I have no sink...help please.

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    What if you hosted a bbq or you could cook a ham on the grill then use your stove for veggies. Or grill veggies Or do potluck.

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    what i've done (usually for camping trips) is to have a tub of water. now i usually do this outside, but can be done at kitchen table or wherever. i'll take the veggies i need to rinse/wash, and put 'em in a collendar & dip/rinse. if dirtier, i have a dishcloth i can use or a veggie scrubber.

    then i chop 'em up. i like the idea of the BBQ or roasted veggies on the grill - if the weather's up to it!
    you could also grill the meat, unless you have the traditional easter ham - and i assume you also have use of the oven.
    otherwise, what about a change? hamburgers & hotdogs?

    anyway, easy things to make.
    you can do corn on the cob, salad, potato salad (store in fridge), cole slaw (same), baked beans, deli tray w/meats, cheeses, raw veggies, a fruit plate w/cool whip or other "dip".

    kid friendly foods are finger foods. chicken strips, heck even "roll ups"... like a slice of ham w/cheese inside, maybe some mayo to hold together, roll up. for adults use toothpicks, for kids a cracker/bread stick.

    you can also wrap meats/cheeses around those crunchy breadsticks & hold together w/dressing/mayo too.

    rolls/breads are always a fun thing. you can make "mini sandwiches" using yeast rolls or biscuits too.


    I'll post more later...

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