Naturally Frugal Easter Egg Dyes
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    Default Naturally Frugal Easter Egg Dyes

    Get the eggs ready by washing in mild soap and warm water to remove any 'sealer' or residue. Longer boiling or soaking will make the color deeper. Eggs keep better the longer they're boiled, anyway, and a half hour won't hurt them, texture or taste wise.
    Use a teaspoon of vinegar to help set the dye in these. Add it at the same time you add the egg:

    Light green - Save the water from canned or fresh cooked spinach and boil eggs in it, or pick a few dandelion leaves to boil them in.

    Pale Yellow - Add carrot tops, celery seed or orange peel to water for boiling eggs.

    Deep Yellow - Put ground turmeric in the water with boiling eggs, or use yellow onion skins.

    Orange - Yellow onion skins, at least two cups full. Boil them for a half hour, then add eggs and boil until the eggs are done. If you don't have that many, boil what you have in a small pan, with just enough water to cover an egg.

    Tan - Coffee or tea.

    Blue - Red cabbage leaves. Boil leaves in water, then use the cool liquid to dye boiled eggs. Or let the eggs set in juice drained from canned blueberries.

    Pink - Use the liquid from canned or pickled beets, or boil along with a fresh beet, or chopped rhubarb stalks, red onion skins.

    Lavendar - Purple grape juice.

    Red - Red onion skins (this takes quite a few and you have to soak the eggs in it for a half hour or so after boiling).

    Bright Yellow - Inner bark of apple tree bark. Scrape the bark into a pot of water and boil for a half hour or so. Don't use vinegar in this, but add a half teaspoon of alum to each quart when cool, to bring out the color.

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    thanks lori dear, myriah was just asking if we could color eggs.

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    Thank you so much Lori, you have just been "making" my Easter this year!!!!

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