Jelly Bean Carrots
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    Default Jelly Bean Carrots

    This project was in a magazine, and has been well received by children, adults, and teachers!

    This project is rated AVERAGE to do.

    What You Need

    Crystal Rose Reynold's wrap
    Crystal Green Reynold's wrap
    Crystal Yellow Reynold's wrap
    1 carrot
    1 8" piece of curling ribbon
    Gourmet jelly beans

    How To Make It

    Tear off 12" piece of yellow wrap and smooth onto working area.
    Tear off 12" piece of rose wrap, and smooth over the yellow piece.
    Place carrot, tip in the middle, on wrap.
    Fold wrap over carrot, and fold again, to create small square.
    Fold corner nearest to tip of carrot to the inside, and the wrap will resemble a flag.
    Roll carrot up, and gently pull carrot out of the wrap.
    Fill carrot with jelly beans, to about 1/2" from the top.
    Twist the top to ensure beans do not fall out.
    Tear off 10" of green wrap, and place your carrot in the middle, with approximately 1" of carrot top covered.
    Fold green wrap over once, and gently twist over carrot.
    Secure with ribbon, and curl ends.

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    Neat idea! Thanks!! I always make a little something for my family when we go to visit at Easter, those plus those yummy chocolate/pb eggs are perfect!!

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