Jelly Bean Prayer (for Easter)
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    Smile Jelly Bean Prayer (for Easter)

    This is great for Easter time. Our Sunday School made these last year and handed them out to the congregation on Palm Sunday.

    Jelly Bean Prayer

    Attach this poem to jelly beans: (we wrapped up jelly beans in toile and tied with a pretty ribbon and attached the poem)

    Red is for the blood He gave
    Green is for the grass He made
    Yellow is for the sun so bright
    Orange is for the edge of night
    Black is for the sins we made
    White is for the grace He gave
    Purple is for His hour of sorrow
    Pink is for our new tomorrow
    A bag full of jelly beans
    Colourful and sweet
    Is a prayer - is a promise
    Is a Friends small treat

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    That is too cute. Thanks for sharing that Heather. I think I will make some for the boy's church group leaders.

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    You are welcome Michelle, they were a real hit with the congregation and the kids had so much fun finding all the different colours to put in them!! Enjoy!!

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