Marshmallow Peeps Easter "Bonnet"
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    Default Marshmallow Peeps Easter "Bonnet"

    Caution:These recipes involve the use of craft supplies such as glue. Please do not allow any children to consume Marshmallow Peeps that have come in contact with these elements.

    Marshmallow Peeps Easter "Bonnet"

    10 Packages of assorted colors of Marshmallow Peeps®
    (A total of 100 Chicks, Bunnies and Eggs)
    2 bags of Just Born Peeps® Jelly Beans
    4 boxes of Hot Tamales® (optional)
    1 sombrero, plastic cowboy or fireman's hat
    1 spool of heavy weight button thread or fishing line
    8 mini American Flags (optional)
    Hot glue gun

    Easter Pastels

    Use the hot glue gun to fasten Peeps chicks, bunnies and eggs directly onto a sombrero, plastic cowboy or fireman's hat. Use Jelly Beans to fill in any exposed surfaces of the hat. Skip Down to "Chin Tie or Strap"

    Patriotic Hat

    To create a patriotic Easter Bonnet, follow the instructions above but, use blue and white Peeps only and use Hot Tamales instead of Jelly Beans. Insert flags in random places and secure with the hot glue gun.

    Chin Tie or Strap Use medium-sized sewing needle to thread Jelly Beans or Hot Tamales (depending on wheteher you're making a pastel or patriotic hat) onto a heavy weight button thread or fishing line. Then use the hot glue gun to secure each strand onto each side of hat.

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    *LOL* These are too funny.


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    LOL they are funny!!I'm going to make the patriotic hat for my dd easter parade at school.I'm hopeing her hat will be the hit of the easter parade

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