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    Tillergirl: if you're in NS is there Crown land anywhere nearby where you can pick wild berries? My DSIS#3 did that with her kids. Also fishing and hunting? Though you have to watch equipment and licensing costs for that.

    Don't know if you're anywhere near the ocean, but maybe if you can make a trip every now and then to pick up fish and seafood fresh from the fishermen at the docks, or at the factories down by the shore?

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    Does your job have drug coverage? A couple people I know swear by chantix/champix and say it made quitting effortless.

    Is hub sick enough to qualify for CPP Disability? Or is there anything he can do even part time? A part time job changes this whole equation.

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    Good to know that you are feeling better now.
    Having a big garden is a good idea and can provide your family healthier foods. There are lots of ways that your hubby can do to have some extra income, that's nice.

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