I ordered the Dave Ramsey Envelope System :)
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    Default I ordered the Dave Ramsey Envelope System :)

    I am patiently waiting for it to arrive in the mail . I think it will work for me as I get paid in cash the days I work and this way I will have a place to divvy it up into the right envelopes and make life a bit easier. I am not sure if the envelopes are already named or if I can name my own envelopes.

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    hey glad to hear it. As far as envelopes goes I believe they are labeled w/ some blank. I personally didnt do the physical envelope challenge but put all in one acct. I just wrote out a zero dollar budget on notebook paper in a plastic sleeve in a binder. You can just take envelopes and make your own categories too esp. like a specific savings goal "lawn tractor" or "wedding trip" etc. Like any system is gets more automatic w/ time and practice.

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    Way to go, Bee!

    Even if some of the envelopes are already named, you can just change them to meet your individual goals.

    I hope you are very successful with your finances. I read your posts and cheer you on. I can't wait until you start posting success stories.

    Kind regards,


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