Cloth diapers?
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Thread: Cloth diapers?

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    Question Cloth diapers?

    I am getting married in Sept and my future husband and I are very anxious to start a family (we have been together for 8 years!). I don't have my DM or DMIL near me and I would like some advice on baby stuff. Specifically, I would like to use cloth diapers as I plan to be a SAHM and want to save money and the environment! I have started looking for supplies at the local thrift store, but I am confused. They have plastic pants and then these very thick cloth diapers? with velcro on them? Are there different types of cloth diapers? I hate to sound so stupid! Could any one give me the Cloth Diaper 101 class? thanks
    After that has been settled, I'd like to pick someone, anyone's brain on homemade baby food (besides the breast, LOL! ) Thanks again,
    Hopelessly clueless about babies...yes I know my name is babynurse, but that was only a month long job...don't know how to change it (the username, I mean)

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    I used cloth diapers for dd ( unless we went out and then it was disposable ) years ago, she is now 13. They didn't have velcro on them though, I had to use those huge diaper pins. Velcro would have been nice!

    You can save a lot of money using the cloth diapers. I think it is worth taking the time to wash and dry them, those bags of disposables are pricey. And over the amount of time the baby is using diapers that would add up to some big bucks!

    Rash wasn't a problem, I don't know if it is because we were just lucky or because I changed her as soon as I knew she was wet or stinky. And cleaned her tushy too...I saw my sil once change a diaper without bothering to clean the babies butt and I cringed.

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