Have You Ever Taken a Staycation?
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    Default Have You Ever Taken a Staycation?

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    As much as you might love to head to the beach and stretch out on a towel under the sun, vacations like that cost money, especially when you have a whole family to take with you. Vacations are more than just a luxury – they are a necessity, some would say. They are the much-needed break that helps to restore your sanity before you head back to the daily grind of work and family life. If you want to enjoy a vacation with your family but you have limited funds or time off, a staycation might be just what you need. Keep reading to learn about some fun and budget-friendly staycation ideas the whole family will love. Spring Staycation Ideas the Whole Family Will Love
    Have you ever taken a staycation? What activities did you plan?
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    If by staycation you mean actually staying in the camper outside our house, then no. We like camping, but we also like comfort and convenience. Besides, we live on a 2,500 acre lake, so in theory every day is potentially a staycation.

    We do, however, take day trips. We make a point sometimes of visiting the kinds of places within 100 miles or so that we would be willing to travel hundreds of miles to see in other areas. It seems like many people don't do that, but skip the great stuff around them at home. On our to-do list at the moment is:

    ~Take the Vista Queen harbor tour at the Twin Ports of Duluth/Superior.
    ~Visit Hull Rust Mine state park in Calumet, MN.
    ~Visit Soudan Underground Mine/Vermilion SP in Soudan, MN.
    ~Revisit Highway 51 (Bob Dylan fans will get that reference ) along Lake Superior's North Shore and eat at Betty's Pies and/or My Sister's Place.
    ~Visit the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth.

    All during the tourist season, of course. For most of our day trips, we pack a picnic lunch and find a nice place to eat either in the truck or at a roadside stop somewhere. Way nicer than a restaurant.

    For days when we just want to spend a short time away from home, we shove the HydroBikes in the lake and take a spin around some of our islands.

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    Beautiful Spirit Deer.
    Yes, I have taken several stay cations and I LOVE them. I pretend I am on a cruise. I get up when I want and just do what I want. I prepurchase my favorite foods and eat them. I pamper myself with candles in a nice warm tub of water and lounge there as long as I want. I turn off the phone and just relax with a good book or sometimes a movie. I recharge my batteries by the solitude.
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