What are your favorites treats for hot summer days?
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    Default What are your favorites treats for hot summer days?

    What are your favorites treats for hot summer days?-icecram-cookie.jpg

    The summer is the perfect time to spend the day outdoors with family and friends, but things can get pretty hot if you’re outside all day. It is important to stay hydrated, but sometimes you want something refreshing that is a little more satisfying than water. If you’re looking for a fun and tasty way to cool down this summer, try making some of these frozen summer treats. Cool Down with These Frozen Summer Treats
    What are your favorites treats to make for hot summer days?

    Any favorite recipes you care to share?
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    Popsicles. They are inexpensive and you can control what goes into them. Use low sugar juice, fruit puree (from fruit bought one sale), even coffee or wine. It's about time for me to make a batch of green tea popsicles, I use this recipe: http://40aprons.com/green-tea-coconut-popsicles/

    I also love iced coffee. I cold brew it by tossing the contents of a mini brick (about 1.75 oz) into a pitcher of water and letting it steep overnight. Strain out the coffee grounds, they can be used a second time. Mix the coffee with sugar and milk to taste, or add sweetened condensed milk.
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