How do you save money on summer barbecue parties?
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    Default How do you save money on summer barbecue parties?

    How do you save money on summer barbecue parties?-summerbbq.jpg

    Why stay indoors, slaving away over a hot stove when you can enjoy the summer sun and cook your family a healthy meal, all at the same time? Summer BBQs are a staple of the season and it’s a great opportunity to invite your friends, family, and neighbors over for a get-together. If you want to satisfy everyone’s hunger and throw a fun summer BBQ without breaking the bank, follow these tips. Tips for Throwing a Summer BBQ Without Breaking the Bank
    How do you save money on summer barbecue parties?
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    I've been thinking about the same thing, as I have four potluck picnics (we don't call it BBQ here unless you are actually smoking meat) next weekend. I agree with a lot of what is in that article, burgers, hot dogs, brats, are all pretty cheap eats for a crowd and can be purchased ahead on sale and frozen. I'm eyeing a bag of chicken quarters on sale for .39/lb this week. They are good on the grill or the smoker, and can even be made into fried chicken. I've also got several boxes of brownie mix in the pantry, bought on sale, of course.

    Our crowd does a lot of potlucks, which spreads the cost. There's always too much food. People bring large amounts not considering that others will usually take a smaller portion than usual, because of the many choices. So I never feel bad about taking a single small dish. It gets eaten and I go home with a clean plate.

    Finally, if you feel you can't afford to contribute food, consider volunteering to help the hosts with clean up afterward. It is much appreciated and you could even end up with leftovers others have left behind.
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