What Have You Built For Your Home?
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    Default What Have You Built For Your Home?

    What Have You Built For Your Home?-buildyourself.jpg

    Building projects can be intimidating. Itís often hard to know where to begin ó mainly if you havenít built many things before ó and itís easy to bite off more than you can chew. However, in some cases, getting down to the workbench can be a major money-saver. In the case of these objects, the amount of money and the experience of building something for yourself make these projects worth taking on. Save Money by Building These Things Yourself
    I am loving the box crate storage shelves in the picture!

    Have you tried to build any of the projects in the article linked above?
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    I used crates for storage when I was in college, it's not really our look these days. They look good in that photo. Sometimes it is hard to find/salvage stuff like that.

    I built a basic storage rack out of 2x4s for the spare bedroom in my apt before I was married. Got a lot of boxes up off the floor. I had wood shop in high school so I can use a drill and a saw as easily as a mixer or an iron. DH turned parts of that into a workbench for the garage, and I turned the rest of it into a smaller shelving unit for the garage. Those big box hardware stores will cut lumber for you, so you can get 2x4s or boards and sometimes sheets of plywood cut to size.

    We also built a tall table/workspace for the deck. It is very handy when I am using the grill, or need to pot plants. It's just lengths of 2x4 and a couple boards.

    We've put up all kinds of shelves. I had some nice cast iron brackets in the kitchen before we remodeled. It's important to get the right kind of hardware to hold your shelves, and attach them to studs so they won't fall off or damage your drywall. Again, hardware stores will often cut boards for shelves, and you just sand and stain them.

    DH just finished building custom shelves for his office. He built himself a desk a few years ago because he could not find one wide enough. H's not really a "handy" person, but making a box is not hard.

    And yeah, more cat toys than I can count.

    We've done one raised bed for the garden. It was very easy, just a box on the ground. I'm not sure I like it, it drains and dries out faster than the regular garden areas.

    I have to disagree with the comment about finding material laying around in your yard or garage. Unless you are already a builder or carpenter, of you inherit your parents garage, no it's not going to be there. Boards that lay around tend to warp, and piles of brick or cider block become homes to bugs and snakes and need to be cleaned if you are going to use them indoors.

    It's definitely fun, and usually easy to build stuff, if you have ideas, go for it!
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    Oh, no, I am NOT going to finger-type about all the stuff I've built on this dinky keyboard, especially without pics to show. Besides, you've read it all already. Suffice it to say the list is very, very long, and even longer if you want to count all the stuff I've salvaged, repaired, repurposed, rebuilt, and/or modified.

    The most recent stuff would include framing for an herb garden made from a salvaged steel sink, a variety of different types of shelving for the garage including salvaged cabinets modified for specific puposes, a large lumber rack, a floor and steps for the greenhouse, and myriad other projects, mostly done with salvaged lumber. We also built a boardwalk between our house and garage.

    Last winter I built a 3x6 craft table using two salvaged kitchen base cabinets and new lumber to add 24 feet of shelving to the back side. I custom built the top with 3 interchangeable surfaces for doing different tasks, and added a fold-down ironing board.

    I've saved untold thousands of dollars over the years by learning basic construction and not being afraid to try.

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