How do you teach children to be frugal?
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    Default How do you teach children to be frugal?

    How do you teach children to be frugal?-teachkidsfrugal.jpg

    Learning how to manage money is an important life skill everyone needs. Everything from making changes to creating and setting a budget should be part of your child’s education and, if you really want them to succeed, you should start early. Here are some tips for teaching your kids to be frugal. Teaching Your Kids to Be Frugal – What, When, and How
    How do you teach children to be frugal?
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    I'm a firm-believer in the idea... start 'em early.

    In our frugal and simple home, I always did things the old-fashioned way, which in my world equated to simple and frugal, so as each of my children reached an age where teaching such practices came to light, I taught them when and where I could. For instance, when our forth child was a baby, my oldest was age 10, and she had been hounding me for the longest time as to when she could start babysitting. I told her, learn the ins and outs of baby-care with your baby siblings right here at home, and you can start babysitting outside the home, but not until.

    Now, oldest dear daughter was no stranger to watching and helping me with all aspects of baby-care leading up to this point, but instead of simply helping me with this and that, dear daughter quickly stepped up to the plate and took on the role of second mom in the house. No longer was she simply my helper. Dear daughter was now my extra set of helping hands when I was busy and needed support. She immersed herself with learning how to make homemade baby food, formula, how to prepare bottles, and how to change diapers (all on her own). Up until this time, dear daughter was given simple and easy tasks related to baby-care, like checking the baby's diapers for me to see if the baby was wet or dirty, or when change-time rolled around, pulling the baby's rubber pants off for me. Dear daughter was now changing diapers all on her own, pins and all.

    I taught my girls to stitch a button on, how to do laundry properly, how to run a home efficiently, and how to cook and bake simple, easy things.

    Same went for my boys, which dear husband took under his wing, teaching them the likes of simple mechanical things and such. Oldest dear son was around age 8 when he started cutting the lawn and snow shovelling for us, and though it wasn't expected of him, he was mature in the sense of offering his help in those fields regularly, and a lot of times we took him up on his offers.

    I believe familiarizing children at an early age is key, when it comes to conditioning them for the future, a future holding the likes of frugal and simple living ways.

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    I showed a couple of cousins and a godchild (all had spend thrift parents with cars repossessed, homes lost, and calls from bill collectors) how to write checks and mail them to the utility companies...back when people wrote checks.

    With the godson, I helped him set up a budget as he went off to college on his own. He asked me to help him with that.

    My gramma taught me about frugality by just talking and being honest about money and expenses.

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    I don't have children but, as a teacher, there is no better way than to teach by example. Take time to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. Always give them the end game. It will help inspire them to keep going.
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