Have You Considered Solar Power?
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    Default Have You Considered Solar Power?

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    Every month you pay your electric bill. How often do you find yourself wondering how you could possibly use as much energy as you do or if there might be a better way. Solar power is an eco-friendly option that is becoming increasingly more popular with homeowners. Solar Power: How Does it Work and Is It Practical?
    Have you considered solar power? Why? Why not?
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    We put solar on our roof. To decrease our price per kwh usage, we did give the solar company money ( we didn't have to give them any money but the price per kwh would've been higher). We only lease these panels. If they break due to hail or anything, the company replaces them. We currently pay $29.60/mth for electric, every month. If we make too much electricity, the power company will take it and we are issued a refund check at the end of the year.

    I've put this in simplified terms. For us, it was a smart move. Through job losses and unstable finances, we knew that our electric bill would never get any higher.

    The power company has since increased its rates many times and uses a tier system as well. We know people with 2000 sq ft homes spending $300-$400 a month on electric.

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