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    Question ? re: freezing homemade baby food

    I've been making Maria's baby food-- basically just pureed veggies using my blender. I'm sure one of you will know the answer to this, but I'm stuck!

    Last week I froze half of the sweet potatoes in an ice cube tray, just how I'd read that a lot of people do it. Well, when I went to use them yesterday, the texture had changed-- they were very, very thick and sticky. (The entire cube reminded me of the thick "skin" you sometimes get on top of pudding if you don't cover it.) I didn't feed them to her, as any little bit of texture causes her to spit out whatever is in her mouth.

    The only thing I can think of that I probably shouldn't have done is that I let the cubes stay in the ice cube tray for several days. Maybe it would have been better if I'd have popped the cubes into a ziplock as soon as they were set?

    I put the frozen cube in the microwave-- should I have just let it set out at room temperature instead? I stirred them a lot, with no change. Or is this normal for the texture to change so much?

    If anyone knows what I did wrong, please LMK! Thanks!

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    It may have been keeping them in the trays they may have dried out a bit. I always dumped them in a baggie asap. I also did both microwaved them and let them thaw on the counter depending how organized I was both ways semed to end up the same texture.

    Good luck!

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    Maybe if you put the cube tray inside a freezer ziplock when you put it in the freezer would help. Or glad quick covers or plastic wrap placed so it doesn't touch the surface of the food.

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