Can I Do This With Baby Food?
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    Default Can I Do This With Baby Food?

    What I'm thinking about trying is making HM baby food (veggies and fruits) and canning them in old baby food jars. I didn't like freezing it, it just didn't work for me. Of course I would boil the lids and jars, after washing them well.

    Ds suddenly decided that he was STARVING! Last week he wouldn't have anything to do with solid foods. This week he can't get enough! I hate to think about buying all those little jars of baby food.

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    I have no idea whether or not they would seal, you could Im sure use the small mason jars, maybe some of our homesteaders know better. Sorry Karen.

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    Karen, you can't re-seal a jar (for canning) after it has been opened. I would use jelly/jam canning jars. You can even get them in half size (4 oz), but each time you reuse them for canning you MUST use a new lid. Not the screw top, that is reuseable, but the lid portion with the rubber seal.


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