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    Default Jell-O Aquarium

    Jell-O Aquarium
    1 (1 1/2 gallon) glass goldfish bowl
    2 (6 oz.) boxes Berry Blue Jell-O
    1 (11 oz.) can fruit cocktail
    2 gummy or plastic fish
    1 plastic aquarium plant (optional)

    Make the Jell-O gelatin according to directions on the box. Pour into
    goldfish bowl. Drain the fruit cocktail and slowly pour it into the goldfish bowl.
    It will sink to the bottom to act as the "gravel." Place Jell-O gelatin in
    the refrigerator to thicken, for about an hour. (Don't let it set
    completely.) Remove from the refrigerator and place the gummy (or plastic) fish in the Jell-O gelatin, using a chopstick, knife or the back of a spoon to push the fish toward the bottom of the goldfish bowl. Return the Jell-O gelatin to the refrigerator to set completely. When the Jell-O gelatin has set and is ready to serve, use a spoon to scoop it and the fish out. If you are using plastic fish, be sure to set them aside. Makes 6 to 8 servings.
    Cook's note: This recipe also can be made in small individual goldfish
    bowls, so that guests can take them home as party favors. To make the
    "water" a lighter shade of blue, replace the second box of Berry Blue Jell-O with four 7-gram packets of unflavored gelatin.

    Here's a site with directions and a picture:

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    That is so cute! I'm bookmarking it for later. I've seen the goldfish crackers used in blue jello, but hadn't thought to serve it from a fish bowl.

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