Do your kids take a lunch to school?
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    Default Do your kids take a lunch to school?

    Katie is a very picky eater. She'll eat at school MAYBE twice a week.When they have Pizza or hot dogs lol
    The other days all she wants is peanut butter sandwich...Not even jelly...just peanut butter LOL
    I feel like if anyone sees her eating the same thing day after day..maybe they're thinking thats all we have lol or all I'll let her have lol

    What do your kids take?

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    Mark will take a lunch to work but not to school. At work they have a fridge and he doesn't have to bother with freeze packs. He also doesn't have to carry what he calls a "stupid" lunch box, his just goes into a plastic shopping bag.
    Nicole does bring a lunch to school but not work, lol. What goofy kids I've got.
    They both bring leftovers, sandwiches, soup etc. & have access to a MW to heat things up. Nicole & Jesse keep mw safe soup mugs with lids, spoons & container of dishsoap in their locker at school so all they have to remember to bring is cans of soup or whatever and a soda and can then wash out their mugs&spoons with the soap when they are done.

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