Make your own Kid Cuisine's and save money!
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    Default Make your own Kid Cuisine's and save money!

    Cook From Scratch

    This is by far the easiest way to save money. Convenience meals are expensive. A prime example is kid’s foods. The average Kid Cuisine costs $2.00. An alternative is purchasing 20 chicken nuggets for $1.50, a bag of French fries for $1.00, a jar of applesauce for $.89 and making a pan of brownies for $1.50. Total cost of your scratch meal is $4.89 and this feeds a toddler for 5 days compared to $10.00. That is a savings of $5.11 per week. While $5.11 does not seem like enough savings to bother with, add it to money saved on making suppers and desserts from scratch and it could be a savings over $100.00 per month.

    I found this tip here:

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    Good idea! And thanks for the link too.

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