I'm just wondering who else does this.

I buy produce on sale and then blend it up into fruit bars for DD. I just blended up what was left of those strawberries I got on sale the other day (4 lb/ $4.89.) I added some of the banana yogurt she refuses to eat (it is Stonefield Farms and doesn't look right to her, apparently, since she kept asking for banana yogurt and wouldn't even try this once I bought it.) I also added a frozen banana, leftover from a banana she ate part of. Generally we will hold on to them till the end of the day then put them in the freezer if she doesn't finish it. I threw in some applesauce, since I rarely use the whole jar up before it gets moldy and I am sick of that heppening. Since I added yogurt, I also put in about 1 T of honey to cut the tartness, as she has been known to refuse the bars with yogurt and no sweetener. (Then I have to thaw and reblend, which is just a hassle.)

I guess my point is that I am basically using leftovers, and she is getting something really healthy. There is a little sweetener in the applesauce, and a tiny bit of honey, but otherwise it is just plain good for her. It is chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. She loves them, and even if I was NOT using leftovers, these would be a lot cheaper than the frozen fruit bars in the store. Also, my molds are just the right size for her, whereas the store ones are too bigand contribute to food waste (as well as the trash can, with packaging I don't need.)

Anyone else?