What are you feeding your toddler today?
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    Default What are you feeding your toddler today?

    We are having food issues and I am looking for ideas. And any creative tips you might have.

    We made spiders out of round crackers, cream cheese, and pretzel stick (legs) the other day. It was fun and she enjoyed them. they were relatively healthy, too, or at least not too terribly bad for her. We used neufchatel cheese and I will look for some whole grain round crackers and pretzels. (I can get braided whole grain pretzels, but haven't seen the stick anywhere.)

    So what will your toddler be feasting on today?

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    DD is two, will be three on April 1st.

    She has been eating non-stop today... she's like this some days.

    So far:
    Breakfast: two mini sausage sandwiches (frozen) and apple juice. (She is obsessed with sausage sandwiches right now and would eat them three times a day if we'd let her.)

    Lunch: a chicken and noodles microwave meal (included cooked carrots), cheese, and fruit-flavored water (0 calories, 0 sugar)

    Snacks: 1 box raisins, one stick string cheese, two bowls of popcorn, three cups of water, one banana

    Supper: I think I'm making spaghetti & green beans. She likes both. I'll have garlic bread, too, but she usually doesn't eat it. 

     I fed her two convienience foods today-- I'm not feeling well, so I needed some quick heat-and-eat foods for her.  I feel a little guilty when we use a lot of those, but, at least the chicken and noodles dinner is pretty healthy.

    This was an "eating day" for her-- every time I turn around she's asking for another snack.  Some days she eats practically nothing.  

    Yogurt, craisins, and dried pineapple are some of her other favorites.  She'll also eat some things with weird twists-- like any soup as long as I put fish crackers in it, or nearly any cooked veggie as long as she has something (ranch dressing, ketchup, etc)  to dip it in.

    She's also getting really interested in helping me cook-- she loved making english muffin pizzas a few weeks ago.  So, I try to let her help as much as I can.

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    Awe the joys of toddlers eating.

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