frugal toddler meals ?
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    Default frugal toddler meals ?

    Hi there

    Any ideas for a picky 15 month old ? She is still nursing, likes some food, but causes me to tear my hair out when she starts flinging her food away. I know, she's my third and it shouldn't bother me, but it does....

    I SO need ideas. Things my others loved don't work as well with her



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    My kids have all been different so I'll throw out lotsa ideas:
    scrambled eggs
    refried beans
    avocado pieces
    tofu squares
    veggie soup with all the 'broth' drained off
    whole grain crackers and cereal
    fish sticks or flaked fish
    shredded cheese
    of course soft fruits and veggies, banana being easiest
    cooked ravioli w/o the sauce
    I usually just put a few small choices on the tray and let them go at it. An old showe liner or torn vinyl tablecloth under the chair saved my sanity.

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    Good luck with this. I agree with PP that you need to just put variety in front of her. I find any pasta with out sauce works well, any cracker, veggies and fruit of any kind, cooked and soft. Try to mix up textures/tastes until you find something she likes. My daughter loved pasta and carrots when she was that age..and i would puree carrots and add to many things to get that taste. Good luck!

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