Amazon Top 100 FREE ebooks (FOR KINDLE)
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    Default Amazon Top 100 FREE ebooks (FOR KINDLE)

    You'll see 2 columns; one for the "top 100 PAID" on the left, and the "top 100 FREE" on the right. Use the list on the right!

    [ame=""] Kindle Store Bestsellers: The most popular items on Updated [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@01upHodYGaL[/ame]

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    My dh is thinking of buying me a kindle for Christmas or maybe another brand of the same item. If it is not an Amazon item are you still able to download the free e-books and the other books that they offer?

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    There are many places besides Amazon that you can download free books for the Kindle. Two of my favorite are and Or maybe the .net and .com are the other way around. I have also downloaded a few from gutenberg. You just have to choose the correct formatting. There is also a blog that is wonderful - There are daily listings of books of all kinds for $5 and under; many of these are free or $1 + change. A couple of days ago I downloaded one that was $1.34. (How do the come up with these weird prices?)

    You can also download the Kindle for PC for free and read Kindle books on your computer.

    I LOVE my Kindle!

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