Hi everyone ~

I have recieved a small booklet of Coupons from Costco.
Have more than $600 worth in Coupons that can be use at any Costco store.

I don't shop at Costco, so I have no use for this booklet. I will give it to who-ever that will benefit from these coupons.

These coupons are good from 9-8-06 to 9-24-06.

I will give this FREE to who-ever that PM me first. However, you have to pay $1 for my shipping/handling fee at the post office. You can paypal me the $1, and I will ship to you, or you can send me $1 in the mail, or you can send a big envelope at least 8"inches by 12"inches that's PRE-STAMP with $0.75, and I will just put this in the envelope and mail to you.

I have more coupons from manufactures that I don't use, and I will include those too. (mostly pets products, and food products).

Have a great weekend !