So today in the mail I get my Santa’s Choice catalogue.

For those of you who don’t know you look through their catalogue and choose your favorite “hamper”, then you can place your order by phone, internet or by mail. They are flexible with the payments you choose weekly, bi weekly or monthly & they will calculate the amount you by whichever frequency of payment you choose. Then a few weeks before the following Christmas they will deliver the hamper to your door.

I love looking through this catalogue at the outrageous prices, although on the cover they claim “BEAT RISING FOOD PRICES! Get your 2009 groceries at 2008 prices.” Forget about loss leaders and savings with no name products with this catalogue order you can get “TOP BRANDS your family loves”.

Flipping inside the catalogue I see beautiful laid out groceries ranging from anything from salad dressings, frozen veggies, meats, turkey, chips, ritz crackers, pizza pops, snack packs, granola bars, bear paws cookies, juice boxes, pudding cups, parmesan cheese, white pasta. Mini Oreo snack packs, sausage rolls, fruit snacks for the kids, ketchup, pasta sauce, nothing but the best!!! The addition of tons of sodium and preservatives come free. So if a 3 page spread of food isn’t your fancy, although it’s ONLY $1,075.00 (but remember you can break down your payments over the year – they will make it convenient for YOU). You can continue browsing different selections of brand name goods and convenience foods!! If that isn’t enough to grab your interest maybe the ‘gimmicks’ at the bottom corner of some of the pages will help “Extra Value” an electric knife & carving fork OR a can opener OR an electric mixer OR an indoor grill – the options are endless!!

After all they are there to help you enjoy your holidays convenient payment and delivery to your door. All you have to do is pay top price, forgo loss leaders and make an extra payment every month!!