Cheap meals for Canadians?
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    Default Cheap meals for Canadians?

    Our Southern cousins often post about a $5 meal for 4. I can never make that price here!

    I always find it interesting that chicken breast is so cheap in the US, yet a premium cut here.

    So, my Canadian brothers and sisters.... What is a cheap, balanced meal in your home, and what does it cost you?

    For me, I think it is taco's. This is my rock bottom costing meal, because it goes a long way. It feeds the 6 of us. I made it last night. Everyone was full, dh shredded more lettuce and took some to work for taco salad and I have another meal worth of meat left over going in the freezer.

    1 lb Beef -$2.39
    Seasoning - ???
    Lettuce - .30
    Tomato - .20
    Salsa - ??(home made from garden, not free but close)
    Sour cream - .50
    taco shells - $2.99

    It's kinda balanced as we seem to use more veggies than anything else. Not the greatest meal, but not the worst.

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    marking. i'll have to think about specific meals.

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    One thing we make a lot is:

    1 lb. ground beef
    elbow macaroni
    canned tomatoes
    chopped up veggies: onions, peppers, celery, mushrooms

    We put in a lot of macaroni, so this will last for a couple of days worth of lunches.

    We also tend to eat breakfast for supper a lot. Eggs, bacon and toast. I make my own bread, but even with buying bread, it's still a cheap supper.

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    Because I'm vegetarian/sometimes vegan, I eat a lot of beans. I buy canned on sale when they are a dollar for convenience sake, but I usually cook up a batch of dried. My favorite right now is rice and black beans with some avocado (on sale), lemon juice, a bit of chopped onion and cumin. Add a very simple side salad and it's a filling meal. It costs me around $5 or $6 dollars and usually makes enough for lunch the next day. But it's nt something I would eat everyday.

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    this is last nights supper - mandarin orange salad - not a typical meal...but i was paying attention last night. all amounts are estimates.

    romaine lettuce - $3
    mandarin orange pieces - $4
    slivered almonds - $1.30
    purple onion - $.70
    dressing - oil and vinegar and sugar and S&P which we had on hand...calling it - $.10


    This fed me and my mom (dh was late at work) and a serving for lunch today - so 3 servings.

    that's an interesting process. kind of eye opening.

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    Ooooh...I have not done the cost breakdown on my meals since going completely organic. I am afraid to. I do know some of our cheaper meals are vegetarian. We like what we call Black Bean Mess here.

    Layer mixed greens or romaine with brown basmati rice, black beans (I make from scratch), avocados, sweet potatoes, and homemade salsa.

    I'm guessing at numbers here, but I'd say..

    $1 mixed greens for 3 adults
    .50 brown basmati rice
    .50 black beans
    $1 avocado
    $1.20 sweet potatoes (I use 2 for 3 adults)
    $1.00 hm salsa (a complete guess! We use about 1/2 c. to 1 c. for 3 of us.)

    TOTAL $5.20

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