WELL one less shop
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    Default WELL one less shop

    I have just posted in the general chat room that netto has been SOLD to asda ... i just think that it will get to the stage when over here there will be


    and that will be it no corner shops ect ect and no competition . what was that comedy film when a guy gets frozen and in 500 years from now they would just be one super town size costco

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    Not that I'm a huge fan of Netto but I was quite unhappy to read the news that they'd be bought by Asda. Afaik, the brand switch is going to be pretty quick too, by some time next year.

    We have a couple of mini Tesco's here (express?) but no Asda and no large Tesco for a few miles so we do still have some small corner shops and other supermarkets. But the town I used to live in I think all the convenience stores are Tesco, the main supermarket is Asda, soon to be joined by a large Tesco and now Netto will become a smaller Asda too. I fear for the town centre shops - what few of them remain. I can imagine soon it'll be like a ghost town.

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