What are your plans today, Wednesday January 9th 2013?
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    Default What are your plans today, Wednesday January 9th 2013?

    Thankfully I am starting to feel more like myself after that horrible bout with flu so my energy levels are rising again.

    Today I am starting my English classes again.
    I am getting a new class and my old one.
    They are both 'plus classes' with highly gifted children.

    My old class is kids aged 10 - 12 and the new one is with kids aged 8 and 9.

    Before then I want to get to the farmers' market to see if they have some cheaper fruit and veggies.
    The prices of fruit here are so high at the moment.

    I had a look in the supermarket yesterday and the only things even remotely doable were apples and pears.
    I looked (just looked) at the grapes - €3.00 for 500 grams of grapes - not in 500 years.

    Whatever you do today - have a great day!!

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    Good morning!

    Glad to hear you're starting to feel better, I've been talking to a friend who has been ill and it's really knocked the stuffing out of her, she said she hasn't eaten a meal for weeks poor lamb.

    Today I had a lie in which was unusual and enjoyable. This morning I've just been doing my general puttering about the house doing what needs to be done, the rabbits are very lively and are enjoying getting under my feet which is always fun. Now I've done what I need to do I'm going to have a cup of tea and do some work on my wall hanging. So that should swallow up 4 or 5 hours!

    Have fun at work.

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    Just a word, in passing, FROM Europe, TO Europe. We had overnight frost, here, but today is bright and sunny (high pressure, no cloud cover so not warm).

    I'm taking care of my healing injury and - oh boredom, oh tedium! - I am shortly going to go out to the garage where I have my bike set up on a turbo-trainer, and will do . . . as long as I can, without going out of my mind! What helps is to have a good book to read: paperback, for preference, as a hardback book is a bit hard to balance on a bike, however static. I went for physiotherapy yesterday - PAIN at the time, (that's a graphic of a leg - the nearest I could get to my injury!) but the guy knows his job, today is much less painful. I really do not do "stay at home" very well. I am inclined to do more than I know I should so I am trying very hard to stick to the physio's schedule and only do the activities that he agreed I could try. The word TRY is in big letters, illuminated, flashing . . .

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