Your day, Sunday January 13th
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    Default Your day, Sunday January 13th

    It is unbelievable but true - it is once again a BEAUTIFUL day here in Holland.
    The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the air is so crisp you could cut it with a knife.
    My kind of weather.

    I didn't get around to going for a walk yesterday but it is high on my list for today.

    Further we don't have anything exciting planned for today - my life must sound VERY boring to everyone.
    However, I have a couple of little things I want to get done for school and in the house - cleaning windows for example.

    Also hubby and I are looking for a vacation that doesn't cost the earth. We've found a couple of nice ones, it's now just a question of deciding which one and seeing if we can afford it. We had found a few really good ones and reasonably priced but they are all in April and mid-April is when our first grandchild is going to be born, so there's no way that we are going to be away around then.

    But, whatever you do today - have a great day!!!!

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    Oooh a baby, how exciting for you!

    I always think my life must sound dull to other people but I love not rushing around all over the place like we used to. We had a fab day out yesterday for example but I was happy to leave and get back to relaxing. It was so stressful hearing about what's going on with all my friends and I just thought "tea and the sea please".

    We're having a day at home today, we've had a little catch up with the skiing this morning and will be watching the football later but other than that I have a new Moomins book to read, I've done a few bits and bobs around the house and have been out in the garden for a little bit and there is always quilting. It looks like snow but I think that's probably wishful thinking for me, it rarely snows here which makes a massive difference to when we lived elsewhere.

    Have a good day, glad you;ve got some sun at last.

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