Your day, Thursday January 17th 2013
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    Default Your day, Thursday January 17th 2013

    Good morning,

    No sunny day today but a sky filled - I think - with snow.
    It is still freezing outside and the forecast is that it won't be above -2/-3 today BRRRR!!!
    There is definitely snow forecast for tomorrow and Saturday.

    Thankfully I don't have to go outside today if I don't want to.
    I could do some grocery shopping but I could always postpone it till tomorrow.
    I'll see how I get on because I have big plans today.

    I want to get my sitting room cleaned and a part of my kitchen.
    Also I want to try and get my English classes prepared for next week.

    First I think another cup of coffee - just to get me going haha.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi, Dutchie: don't postpone grocery shopping until tomorrow - the snow will come sooner than you want it.

    I finally dug out the van, yesterday, and managed to defrost the inside of the windscreen. Today is a day between snowfalls, I understand, so it is the day to go for groceries. On Tuesday, I hiked two miles (on a cycle path) to the nearest town and brought back what I could carry in my rucksack, but I do need heavier stuff - for that, I'll have to drive.

    Yesterday evening, a friend reminded me that, if/when the weather closes us down, there's still "Mr Tesco" and "Mr Sainsbury" who will deliver, even right out to the villages (for £5 a time). You know, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe it's the thought of the fiver you have to pay that had kept the notion out of my head.

    Go on - get out while you can!

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    Another cup of coffee is always a good idea!

    It does look like the snow is going to be with us tomorrow. I have mixed feeling about it, I don't mind if it snows as I have nowhere I need to go and as long as we don't have a power cut we'll be fine. But it looks like DH's friend won't be coming over, he lives near York and the forecast is heavy snow for his town so he might not be able to get out.

    We went to the supermarket last night for a few bits and bobs so we don't have to go out should we get some snow. We bought some of those grippy shoe things that go over your shoes so you can wander about in the snow so we can get out but I'd rather stay inside and have a cuppa instead!

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