Your day, Tuesday January 22nd 2013
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    Default Your day, Tuesday January 22nd 2013

    I am trying desperately to get a LOAD of stuff done today but the world is not working with me on it.

    I ran out the door really early this morning to get the grocery shopping done before I went to the hairdresser (necessary for my hair).
    However because of an accident on the subway line near our house yesterday evening, all the subways between there and the next station aren't running. This means that there was a LOT more traffic, plus the traffic lights weren't working and there is all this snow on the road. This meant that instead of me getting to the grocery store, doing my thing in there and then going to the hairdresser, I just managed to get to the hairdresser in time for my appointment (took 40 mins over a stretch of road that normally takes 5 minutes).
    So after that I had to do the grocery shopping.
    Now I have had to rush everything along because I have to leave the house in 1 hour to go to school.

    This evening we have the neighborhood association annual meeting. This is great fun and there are free drinks and snacks (always a good thing).
    The carol singing in our neighborhood (my baby) will also be discussed and I will try and win new (extra) souls for this year.

    Further the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the snow is glistening and it is VERY cold outside.
    The forecast said this morning that we heading for a 'cold snap' for the next few days - personally I think that it is cold enough already.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    Hi Dutchie, It's just 6* here, so I know about cold! Cleaned out my frig & had LO's for lunch. Eating my lunch @ the puter'. Washer is going & will be hanging up clothes in a few minutes. Rest of afternoon I need to vacuum. No school day here & I'm not going out. Oh, I'm enjoying watching the birds @ the feeder. At one time, I had 3 bluejays, 4 mourning doves, 1 male & female cardinal, & a bunch of chickadee's.

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    Hi all it's warming up 10 now was 1 when I woke up. No shower for me yet still have no hot water): Glad I don't have to go anywhere including work. May go workout later. Watching the Aussie open. Need to vacuum & make oatmeal white choc. & cranberry cookies they 're divine!
    Working on my snowman puzzle. Clipped coupons & filed them. Sent some to my niece. Need to get the mail & shovel. I had homemade leftover chili for lunch w/dh he comes home . Have a great Tuesday.

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    I didn't really get a lot done today..The sewer in town is no laundery today..I did get 3 meals cooked so will have some things made up ahead again..

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    Ah, the best laid plans Avril. I can't believe we still have snow! It's even snowing a little bit this morning. Even the local weather forecast has been saying "snow everywhere other than the Fylde" but nope, we have it! Dh has gone to Nottingham this morning and has been sending me pictures as he travels over the hills, looks beautiful but soooo cold.

    I haven't seen any of the tennis but the Andrew Murray match was on the radio first thing so I listened to that. I'm not a huge tennis fan but it's one of those sports that if I start watching then I get drawn in to it. It was the same with golf, never really been interested but The Open was in my town last year and I was glued to the tv all weekend. I counting the days until the new Rugby League season starts and we're looking forward to seeing Melbourne play Leeds.

    I've done a ton of pressing pieces this morning, have a darning pile and then I'm going to quilt and listen to the radio. The Prime Minister has given a speech this morning so there's lots of chat about that. Fun.

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